Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas Shows at the Malls 2013

Cheekiemonkies: Triple the fun. Triple the Trouble.: Christmas Shows at the Malls 2013: (Daddy compiles) And so, Christmas is here again and along with it comes the bumper crop of Christmas shows and cartoon meet & greets ...

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day 2: Taiwan 2013

1st stop : Hello Kitty Sweets.  The food tasted quite nice however there's a minimum spending of NTD 300 per pax

Papa took the 2 gals to Baby Boss while Mummy, Ah Ma & Reese went 五分埔.  Only bought a white pants for Reese and that's all!  The style of taiwan clothing dont suit me and maybe it's Winter time so most clothing are long sleeves.

From 五分埔 we walked to 饶河夜市.  It's about 10 minutes away.  There are plenty of food stalls in 饶河夜市.   The sky darken pretty early in Taiwan and by 5+pm, the sky is all dark like Singapore's 8-9pm.

Food @ 饶河夜市

Monday, November 25, 2013

First Day of Taiwan Trip 2013

It's Mummy and the 3 sisters 1st trip to Taiwan.  Papa, Ah Ma and Ah Gong have been to Taiwan many years back.  Though it's Mummy's 1st trip to Taiwan, She is also our "Tour Guide".  Mummy did the research, book the hotels and driver all by herself.  And off we Scoot to Taiwan on 15 Nov(the same day as Aster and Avarille but they took the morning flight)

By the time we reached ECFA Wan Nian, it's almost 8.30pm.  We were given the room nearest to the reception.  It's very convenient especially when we need to take hot water from the water dispenser.

After checking in the settling down, we headed down to Ximending for Dinner.  Most of the restaurants are closed except for this Japanese restarant.

Saw this 起司马铃 which is lele's favourite.

That's all for the 1st day. The kids went back to the hotel to rest while Mummy venture out to 7-11 to collect her order from Payeasy and Cosmed to check out the facial masks.

Mummy's loots from Cosmed.

Friday, September 20, 2013

BKK 2013 Day 2

 It's Sunday and so we are going to Chatuchak.  I usually will leave Chatuchak empty handed but SH likes to go Chatuchak to buy backpack, sandals and bermudas.  We took the free tuk tuk service to the main road from Courtyard by Marriot, walked to Erawan Shrine.  Finished the usual routine of prayig and donating some money, walked to Chitlom and took the BTS to Mo Chit.

Fren said Union Mall is a nice place to shop and so off we go to Union Mall by taking the MRT to Union Mall.  It's 1 stop from Chatuchak Park Station.
Tried this Seoul Grill for 329 baht per person for 1 hr and 30 mins buffet.  SH went for a hair cut while I continue to shop till 3.30pm before we left Union Mall to Sana Pao for our Dental Scaling(Bought a "groupon" online and paid about $20 for the scaling)

Let's Smile Dental is very near to Sana Pao BTS and it's located on the 2nd floor.  The place is very clean and new.  The dentist is very friendly and of course the price is much cheaper than Singapore's.
Finally finished the scaling and filling 5 teeth at abot 8pm and we headed to Siam Centre for another "Big Meal"!  Toriya- Japanese Full 8 course mea for only 499 baht.

 Finished the 8 course meal at 10.15pm and went Siam Night Market for a walk and saw Mom's fav "Zara Cardigan" for only 220 baht.

The last item on our itinerary will be foot massage @ Lek Massage which is located near Novotel Siam Square.  Chang Massage was full of people and we settled for Lek Massage.  Have tried both before and both are equally good.

Finally a trip to Bangkok without the Kids...Day 1

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Finally a trip where I can shop, eat and massage in peace just like year backs when I tag along SH's business trips.

Booked a Sat late evening flight so that I can ferry Shaine to her class and minimize mom's inconvenience.

SH has never tried the airport rail link so we lug our luggage and took the airport mrt to Phaya Thai and from there took a cab to Courtyard by Marriot. There was a metered taxi counter on the ground level of Phaya Thai BUT after we got up the taxi, the sickening cabbie quoted us 200 baht.  I told the cabbie if 200 baht I might as well take cab from airport.  Then he said 150 baht.  I told him no and will only settle for metered.  Then half way thr the journey, he drama mama.  He stopped the cab and took out our luggage.  SH got scared and said give him 100 baht then he put the luggage back.  They are many cheater cabbie in BKK but there are also many nice and honest cabbie around.  I would have volunteered to give him extra and more tips if he had on the metered and send us to our destination without playing games

 I love this mirror in Courtyard by Marriot Toilet.  It has mirror on both side and it's very good to do makeup when another person is using the toilet. 

By the time we settle down, it's almost 11pm BKK time.   Walked to Big C and bought lele's fav "Hi Chew".


 That's all for Day 1.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 2 of Bangkok Trip

We stayed on the 17th floor on Renaissance Ratchaprasong Bangkok.   Have request for a twin bed as we have 3 adults and 3 kids in a room! Yes, 6 pax in a room. I wanted to have 2 rooms but Ah Ma said save the $$ for shopping. *roll eye ball*  And so Reese and Ah Ma slept on the inflatable bed that I ordered from Taobao.  In fact the 2 inflatable beds when put together become a "King"size bed and looks more comfy than the hotel bed.

 Breakfast @ "Flavours" Breakfast was good.  They have donuts, soya bean milk with You Tiao, Thai Ice Tea and Coffee and the best part is they serve freshly squeezed fruit juice.  Have not come across any hotel that serve freshly squeezed fruit juice so far.
Day 1 starts officially with praying @ Erawan Shrine and followed by a walk to Platinum Mall.  Brought the kids to Sun Star to buy some stationery to ""shut up" their mouth so that Ah Ma and I can shop in peace in Platinum Mall.
 Dinner @ AKA Restaurant.  Lele loves this because she can "play" BBQ. Ah Ma said I very "li hai".  Buy coupons buy till Bangkok.  Bought a Swensens "ensogo" coupon, 2 christmas banana spilt for only S$5 ie one banana spilt for only $2.50!!!  And the portion is so much bigger than those in Singapore Swensens! Super Worth.
 There's a mini play area in Isetan @ Central World and the kids had some fun there while Ah Ma go shopping for undergarment.
And finally we took cab back to hotel.  Yes, took cab back to hotel though walking only took 10 mins or less from Central World to Hotel through the Skybridge.  If I were to go alone, I would have walked but Ah Ma said so many monkeys, better take cab.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 1 of Bangkok Trip: 7 Dec to 12 Dec 2011

The long planned and awaited trip was postponed from 24 Nov to 7 Dec because of the flood in Thailand. Luckily, Thai Airways and Renaissance Ratchaprasong Bangkok allow change of date without penalty.

This is the make-shift stroller for Reese and Shaine.  All thanks to Papa who forgot to bring the stroller to airport and only remember it when the cab was at Pasir Ris.

And here we are in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1. The flight was delayed for about 20 minutes. I am surprised that TG only took 20 mins to clean up the aircraft after the passengers from the previous flight landed. That's was fast!

Ipad to keep the monkeys entertained during the 2 hr flight.

Finally landed and reached Renaissance Ratchaprasong Bangkok which is located opposite Chidlom BTS. Central Chidlom is located on the right of the hotel which is just a 5 mins walk. Armain Plaza, Erwan Hyatt, Gaysorn and Central World are on the left of the hotel which are all within walking distance.

The kids were fascinated with the the stand-alone bath tub and cant wait to jump into it.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Angry Birds

We went to queue up about 50 mins and manage to get a pass for the meet and greet with angry birds.  Lele likes the yellow bird because it can hit a lot of things.
With the Kindle Fire, Ah Gong is also "hooked"onto playing angry birds.